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"Entrepreneurs light up tomorrow with today. Our job is support them with passion and integrity."

Saurabh Srivastava

Managing Partner

Saurabh Srivastava is an experienced fund manager, venture investor and technology executive, well versed in all aspects of fund raising, fund management, deal life cycle, M&A and creating new businesses within enterprises. Saurabh has managed venture funds totaling over $600M, made over 15 investments (most with board seats), has managed 18 M&A transactions and has started 4 new businesses, each of which has over $1B in revenues today. As an investor, he has been instrumental in leading investments in next generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Voice-over-IP, Mobile Data, Cloud Services and Cybersecurity (amongst others) for over 20 years.


Saurabh was co-founder and managing general partner at Artiman Ventures (“AV”). AV I navigated successfully through the post technology “bubble” burst that challenged many venture funds at the time. AV II (2007) and AV III (2011) are expected to be top performing funds as well. Saurabh's own investment track record includes investments totaling over $150M, with overall returns over 3X and realized investments returns over 4X. As Managing Partner, Saurabh was involved in all aspects of fund management and investment management. He was instrumental in driving Artiman's investment strategies and financial management, including responsibility as the audit and valuation Partner.


Prior to Artiman Ventures, Saurabh was a Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Corporate Business Development Group at Cisco Systems. He was responsible for identifying emerging technology markets and creating new businesses. He had primary responsibility for all investments and acquisitions to support Cisco’s non-organic growth in those areas. He also made principal investments in startup companies to ensure that the technology “ecosystem” existed to support Cisco’s initiatives in these markets and one of the few members of Cisco's investment team who was allowed to take Board seats in the investee companies. Saurabh led and executed Cisco’s technology and acquisition strategies in the Voice-over-IP, wireless/mobility and virtual private network markets, which currently account for over $8 billion (estimated) of Cisco’s annual revenue. In each of those markets, Cisco attained #1 market share and remained #1 for a significant time after Saurabh left Cisco.


Prior to Cisco Systems, Saurabh worked for 8 years in operating roles in the technology industry, including research engineer and pre-sales and marketing roles in Digital Equipment Corporation, Kaleida Labs and Silicon Graphics. While pursuing his MBA at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Saurabh also helped create the corporate venture arm of Philips, N.V.


Saurabh has been granted 2 patents, has a MSCS degree from State University of New York and an MBA from Stanford University where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar. 

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