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"Snow Hill brings together stalwart individuals with an indomitable passion to win. It is truly an honor to work with entrepreneurs with the capacity to disrupt and innovate."

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Bob Salk

Managing Partner

Bob brings expertise in Web3, life sciences, health technology, and blockchain technology.​

Snow Hill's portfolio includes a range of innovative companies that are disrupting traditional industries. Bob is passionate about fueling innovation and supporting game-changers. Some of the portfolio companies Bob has most recently collaborated with include Veracity Protocol, Oneof, Zilch and Metrical. 

As Managing Partner at Snow Hill Partners, he headed a successful investment in the Web 3 space that brings new innovation to the world of sports, music, and lifestyle. Bob helped orchestrate a key partnership between Oneof and eBay. This partnership marked the online marketplace giant's first foray into digital collectibles, selling out their first collection of NFTs in 24 hours. 


Bob co-founded NFT Venture Partners, LLC (NVP) which helps businesses launch Web3 platforms curating NFTs focused on IRL experiences and utility. Not only an advisor, speaker and investor on NFT platforms, he has experience purchasing, selling, and minting NFTs. This has made him well versed in all aspects of the GTM strategy and the commercial side of the Web3 space. He is currently on the Board of Advisors of NFT San Francisco. 

Bob enjoys being an advisor to Oneof, a green NFT platform connecting fans and collectors to their favorite musical artists, athletes and brands. He is also an advisor to Veracity Protocol, which provides a physical Web3 infrastructure to tokenize and authenticate any luxury good. He has been an advisor to Mosaic, the next generation immutable platform for philanthropy and education in Web3. 

During his medical residency at Stanford, Bob launched two start-ups. He was the founder of both, now a division of Boston Scientific, and Equipmentor, a B2B medical equipment support and informatics platform.

In the healthcare and life sciences industry, Bob has published multiple medical articles, authored chapters in leading foot and ankle surgical textbooks, lectured on medical advancements and has trained surgeons in foot and ankle surgery.


Bob has developed FDA-approved study protocols for clinical trials. He has been Principal Investigator on 5 studies and co-investigator in numerous others. Additionally, he has worked on studies for medical devices and new indications for drugs. Collaborating with the FDA, Bob wrote and developed two Level I, double-blind randomized control clinical trials. His FDA and IRB approved studies were published in leading peer reviewed medical journals, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

Bob, a podiatric surgeon, accomplished his foot & ankle surgical residency training at Stanford Medical Center and Palo Alto V.A. Hospital. He graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in three years, double-majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Bob is the founding Partner of Northern California Foot and Ankle Center in San Francisco with a team of five physicians in three offices. He has treated athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, San Francisco Ballet and the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Bob is honored to be an Honorary Deputy Sheriff for Alameda County, CA. He is an avid investor, husband, father, friend, and loves everything about entrepreneurship.

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