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FAQ for Investors

What is the benefit of Snow Hill Ventures (SHV) for Investors?

Snow Hill Venture's team generates a pipeline of high-quality investment opportunities with a strong and consistent deal flow. Through our platinum networks we have robust deal sourcing. Our quantitative/qualitative analysis allows for intelligent analytical deal selection. We find the best founders, handle exhaustive due diligence, negotiate terms, present deal memos, and provide investors with strategic opportunities to assertively beat public markets and other competitive funds. Additionally, we have tremendous upside potential with co-investments, SPVs and the SPAC market.


What is the structure of Snow Hill Ventures?

The SHV Fund I is a traditional venture capital fund with the goal of funding 14-17 companies. 


Additionally, SHV creates a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and enters the cap table as one entity/name on some deals. A brand new SPV is created for each deal with the exception of certain pro-rata arrangements. The entity of Snow Hill Venture's SPV is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) based in the United States. 

We also have co-investment opportunities which provide more success for our LP's.

Are there any fees?

For The SHV Fund I:

Our management fee is 2% with 25% carried interest. The carried interest which is a share of the profits is referred to as carry. Carry is paid to SHV for finding deals, negotiating deal terms, tracking and managing deals throughout its life cycle, performing due diligence, writing a deal memo, fund management, quarterly reports, and advising investors. 

For Snow Hill Ventures SPV:


There is no upfront cost to be part of SHV but if you choose to participate in a company the overall setup fee per deal covers the creation of the SPV, Blue Sky filing fees, due diligence fees with technical experts, and wire fees. This fee is split on a pro-rated basis among the investors who opt into the deal. We do not mark up any third-party services.

Do I have to participate in potential pro-rata rounds?

Snow Hill Venture retains pro-rata rights on every investment. However, you will never be responsible for more than your initial investment amount in a particular deal.

How many deals will I see from SHV each month?

Our goal is to send one to three interesting deals per month. We are highly selective and look for disruptive technology startups with inspirational founders in multi-billion dollar total addressable markets (TAM).

Can I view portfolio company data, investments made, share holdings and investment strategies?

Yes, we are fully transparent and have a LP portal to access the inner workings of all of our portfolio companies.


Can I be a part of SHV as a foreign resident?

Yes. We just ask that you meet the U.S. SEC accreditation requirements. Please ask your qualified legal counsel. We are not dispensing advice, but you may review this website as a starting point for more information.

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